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The cobble stone streets of Antigua

Sunday 27 January 2019. Leave Mexico City by plane we see the huge city and a smoking volcano above the clouds. A small two hours later we arrive at Guatemala City. Also endless and with some volcanos. And again one is smoking. A shuttle bus takes me to the hotel in Antigua. The traffic is crazy, like some drivers and around 15 h I’m at Posado Los Bucaros in the centre of Antigua. This afternoon I walk around in this beautiful old city. Amazing cobblestone streets and colourful houses. Lots of ruins of monasteries and churches. After a few heavy earthquakes, they didn’t rebuild them anymore. From the nearby Iglesia La Merced, a colourful church with a typical park in front, the 5a Avenida Norte leads between many tourists and colourfully dressed local women, who sell all kind of stuff, underneath Arco de Santa Catalina. Following this street a big square appears, Plaza Central. The plaza is crowded with locals, picnicking and just enjoying the park. Around are impressive buildings, like Palacio de los Capitanes, Catedral de San José and Museo del Libro Antiguo. Compania de Jesus has some Mayan art and more modern paintings and pictures to offer. More up the street the local crafts market and a food and daily market. Tonight I meet the group and guide Rafael. It’s a nice group and afterwards we have dinner together.

Monday, at 10 h I walk with Simon and Suzy to the Capochinas. The pickup point for the coffee tour. A guide takes us to the coffee plantation Filadelfia and shows us around. Tells about the special climate needed for coffee, the picking, processing and drying. Partly it’s still hand work and they are proud of this. Half past one we’re back in town and I eThe afternoon is for exploring the town. Starting with Santa Clara. Then the ruins and museum of Conjunto Monumental de San Francisco el Grande. Lots of flowers around the ruins and actually also in the streets. A short visit at Convento de Sor Juana de Maldonado y Paz and have a peek at Santo Domingo. Nowadays it’s a fancy hotel, but you can still visit the church and ruins. Inside it’s beautiful. Lots of flowers and some parrots. Then I see something very small flying between the hanging flowers. It’s a hummingbird. Wow. So amazing and so fast. Tried to take a picture, but the bird is never in the same spot. Still very cool. Next it’s uphill to enjoy the view over Antigua.