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Beautiful Sounds

Thursday 8 February. Tuesday we celebrated the birthday of Celina in Queenstown. Yesterday was a relaxing day. Enjoying Queenstown with its blue lake and beautiful mountains. But today it’s an early start again. On the road, beautiful views of the lake and the Remarkable Mountains. After 1,5 hour we arrive at Manapouri to take the ferry to the other side of Lake Manapouri. From the ferry more amazing views. A small strip of clouds hangs in front of the mountains. A deep blue sky, we’re so lucky. Hot and sunny in the rainforest. Top. We leave the ferry and the busses take off over the pass. We stop at Cleve Garth Falls and some other stops to enjoy the view. Last stop a perfect view of the Doubtful Sound. Very cool. Down to boat and on top of the boat the views are astounding. It’s windy, but the weather is perfect. Amazing green mountains rise steeply out of the water. These fiords are so beautiful. We go all the way to the Tasmanian Sea. See some seals and explore some side arms. Several falls make a big drop into the sound. Nice red flowering trees. At one spot the boat gets close to the rocks, here we see the petrified trees in the rock. Crazy. At 20:30 pm we’re back in town. It was a long day, but rewarding.

Friday is for Queenstown and highlight is the Mario Kart track at the cable car. Besides, a good view over the lake, the city and the surrounding mountains.

Saturday I leave with Denise, Stinna and Minna for the Milford Sound. Almost boring, but again a beautiful road between steep mountain ranges. At the Milford Sound we get on the boat and enjoy the amazing views. So high steep rocky cliffs. Wow. On the boat trip we see two kinds of dolphins, the Dusky and another. Some make a performance by slapping their tail on the water or jump out of the water. Swim along the boat and welcome us. Pretty cool. On the rock some seals to make the experience complete. On the road back we stop several times to enjoy more amazing views. Sadly no kea’s, apparently it’s too warm for them. A nice stop at a river with nice curved rocks and crystal clear blue water. This night we stay at Gun’s Camp. The old camp where the workers stayed when they cut the Homer’s tunnel in the 1930-ties. Tonight we make some amazing pictures of the Milkyway. It takes us some time, but we figured it out. The pictures are amazing. Thank you, Denise.


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