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Cozy Kosice

Saturday, September 25. Yesterday we left Romania, drove on a very straight road through the Puzstas and made a stop at Hortobágy. Endless grass. In Eger (Hungary) we check in next to the minaret. A single tower in the street. More into town the Minorite Church and the old Town Hall are the beauties. In front of the church a wedding couple waits with friends and family. Some guy with a pole with ribbons is telling stories to the couple and family before entering the church. 

Today more to the North. Just outside town we already see the mountains. Via Ozd we go to the border with Slovakia. Cross the border, basically we just drive into the country, and go further to the North. The 549 road leads us into more mountain area. Nice views and at Jasov we have a coffee. Just before we enter town it seems there’s a refugee camp or area. Everyone is on the street, shabby houses and a strange atmosphere. In Kosice (Slovakia) we check in and walk into the city center. The long square Hlavná is made of cobblestone and some small stream of water is crossing in the middle. Both sides have restaurants and bars with terraces. Beautiful buildings from different centuries and the Opera building on the square, like the Cathedral a bit further. We have dinner at Schalkhaz. The gas stove is burning and it’s cozy.


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