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Dingos at Fraser Island

Thursday 22 March. Yesterday a briefing at 17 h for the Fraser Island trip. Our team is Canadian Arman, Tony, Kevin and Cristina, Danish Katherine and Isabella, German Laura and me. This morning 7:45 h the briefing of the drivers. Get our stuff, check the car, collect the food and drinks, more instructions and again some beloved paperwork. The 4×4 gets on the ferry from sandbank to sandbank, or better known as Fraser Island. We drive on the beach and after a while we go into the forest of the island. Soft sand roads, but the 4×4 takes us everywhere. Apparently in the car before us they can’t drive. The guide stops several times to explain, but they don’t get it. We’re lucky with Katherine. We stop at paradise, white sand beach, light blue fresh water, so beautiful. We’re at Lake MacKenzie. Take a swim and enjoy the beach. Afterward, we go to the only “city” or more a resort on the island. Have lunch and go on into the forest. Now Isabella controls the car and she is a natural. A huge ditch is on the track. Low gear and a bit of gas and we succeed. The next nights we stay at a nice fenced campsite near the beach. Here is no signal and in the evening we learn several new ‘Goon’ games.

Friday is the turn for Arman and me to drive. The first stop is at the northern point of the island, the Champagne Pools, a natural pool in the ocean behind a wall of rocks. The water is bubbling and it’s very cool. Some waves come over the rocks and play with us. Then a huge wave and we’ve swept away to the beach. We all have some small cuts to the rocky ocean floor. Nice soft sand and wet sand on the beach for practiced the 4×4 driving. Good fun. Indian Head provides amazing views. The SS Maheno Wreck is a must and the tubing on Eli Creek. Danish Mathilda and Rose join in for a toast. On the beach two dingos. Not afraid of humans or cars they take their time. Beautiful animals.

Saturday more soft sand tracks and a swim in the yellow water of Lake Boomanjin. The color is from the tea trees and it should be very healthy for the skin. After lunch back on the bumpy track until we’re on the beach again. A short drive to the ferry and back to the mainland. It’s so sad it’s over again. We decide to have dinner together and a play more Goon games. Mathilda, Rose and Dutch Marije and two guys join us. Another long day to complete the great Fraser adventure.


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