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Lakes and islands

Thursday 13 September. The morning is chilly, just 11 C. Nice omelet with cheese for breakfast and then a short drive to the park. The parking spot is endless and already hundreds of cars between the trees. A tourist train drives along the lake uphill to the starting point. Get out and follow track H, mainly over wooden walkways. The water is so unbelievable green and clear. The first falls and there are more to come. Everywhere smaller and bigger falls into the next blue and green ponds. Many fish swim around and some ducks. At every corner there is a photo opportunity. 2 to 3 hours walk without a dull moment. Now it’s crowded again. People waiting for the ferry across the lake to the next set of falls. More hiking and more amazing views. Plitvice is so beautiful.

Friday we take the road to the west. At Senj we take the coastal road and enjoy the beautiful views. All the way to Smrika where we take the bridge to Krk. We do around and come through Cizici and Vrbnik, a nice little town with narrow streets. Further is Baska, a nice place to enjoy the beach and views of the sea and mountains. Tonight we stay in Krk.

The next day it’s the next island, Cres. Cres, the town, is basically a big harbor with the center around. We go south and the road to Punta Kriza is narrow, but beautiful. Punta Kirza is one big campsite at a lovely bay. The same road back and further to the south. In Mila Losinj we have a drink at the harbor and a swim at the other side of the island, just a few hundred meters away. These islands are amazing.


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