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Last day on Sicily

Monday 6 November. The last day of this trip on Sicily. Too bad… but still a day left. See more of fall at Mount Etna and a lava tunnel along the road. Descend to Catania. Meandering roads, small beautiful mountain villages and colourful trees. At lunch time the centre of Catania provides a nice spot to enjoy a tasteful panini. Just around the corner a Roman bathhouse and a street further entrance of Antiquarium regionale al Teatro Romano. The theatre is in between city houses and partly underneath them. It’s possible to walk the tunnels, climb the stairs, enter some of the houses and be amazed about this ancient achievement in a modern city.

Piazza Duomo is surrounded with decorated building. Of course Cattedrale di Sant’Agata is the eyecatcher. Fontana dell’Elefante and Fontana dei Sette Canali also not to miss. Italian streets lead to Teatro Massimo Bellini. A red marble facade with white figures and eagles. Catania is an unexpected beauty. Too bad everything is closed on Monday.

Take the evening flight and discover the next morning frost on the fields in the Netherlands. Back to much colder, but sunny weather.


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