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Sandy beaches between giant boulders: Tayrona

Tuesday, January 25

Yesterday we took the bus to the north.  Along the road we see the villages getting poorer, more trash along the road and more wooden houses. At a gas station the toilet is protected by heavily armed guys. The atm is apparently at the same spot. Have a coffee and on the road again.  We cross a giant swap and a view on the sea. From Santa Martha the mountains pop up and an hour further we are at our destination, Villa Margarita in Tayrona. We climb the hill and are welcomed by an ara, a parakeet, several cats and dogs. Beautiful spot with a view on the ocean. After checking in we walk to the beach and enjoy the sea. 

Today breakfast at 6:15 h and half an hour later the van takes us to Tayrona Park. The walk into the park is mostly walkways through the forest. The guide tells us about the park and we see the beautiful surroundings. Near the beach, after 2,5 hours of slow walking we’re at the promised beach and enjoy the ocean. Go to the viewpoint, take some pictures. When we walk back to the entrance of the parkwe see an animal, kind of big guinea pig and some lizards. Back on the bus and at the villa we jump in the pool.


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