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Strokkur vs Geysir

Saturday 3 June. It’s hard to find breakfast, everything is closed till 9 or 10, but we manage and the road trip starts. Within 10 minutes we’re in the fields going north. First stop is Thingvellir National Park. A viewpoint with an amazing view on the river and mountains. A path leads through a gorge of volcanic rock. Here two tectonic plates are pulled apart, leaving this gorge. On this special spot Iceland is founded. The path crosses Drekkingarhylur falls and the clear blue Öxarárfoss. Going back we visit Thingvalabaer, a few houses and a church. Up again and by car to the next attraction, Geysir. In this park many hot spots, where water is boiling and the ground is filled with steam. Strokkur is the main attraction. A geyser that erupts every 5 till 10 minutes. The boiling pool is going up and down and then a big bubble and an eruption of 15 m or so. So cool. Geyser Geysir is the biggest but didn’t erupt after 2000 and also not today. In between these attractions the landscape is beautiful. Green grass, snowy mountains and several times sun between the clouds. Gullfoss, the golden falls, are a two level falls. The last step drops into a deep gorge and mist is coming up. Astonishing view. The last part for today is to drive south to stay in Hellisholar.


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