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Bratislava Swat Team for breakfast

Sunday, 2021 September 12

Last Saturday we, Marien, Hans Jurgen and I, went on a roadtrip to the East. After a night in Prague we visited Brno in Czech Republic. On top of town castle Hrad Spilberk awaits us. All the staff wear traditional clothes and  many activities are organised. Mainly for the children. We see the kazemats and the views from the castle. Have a coffee and at twelve a loud bang awakes us. A small canon is lit and what a loud sound. The old town center is the perfect spot for lunch. 

Next stop is Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. We see the facade of the Grassalkovich Palace. Apparently the pope is here in the coming days and so the palace is closed. Several professional cameras and mics are in front and next to the palace heavily armed police are waiting for some action. To the south we enter the city center via Michalská brána. Walk over the Hlavné námestie square. The old pharmacy, Town Hall and National Theater are impressive. The center seems small and has a cool atmosphere. The boulevard in front of the Theater has a lot of trees and is a perfect spot to relax and have dinner. 

Monday, breakfast outside, the temperatures are rising already and today will be sunny and hot. During breakfast a swat team, all in black and with heavy body protection shows up. Uhh. Did we do something wrong? Apparently the pope will take this road today. We wanted to visit the palace, but the pope has planned to do so too. A bit more city center it is. The blue church of St Elisabeth (1913) is quite nice. Next to it Gymnasium Grösslingová is a beauty as well. Through the center, wandering at the Primateś Palace, the Old Town Hall and Hlavné námestie square. Back in time. Along the National Theater to the riverside. An old brickwork school and a view at the bridge, with the UFO on top. St Martin’s Cathedral is popular today. Lots of military and police. Again the pope. We skip the church and walk back to the hotel. Crossing the road the blue and red lights flicker wildly, on top of the cars. We wait a  minute and the pope drives by. Black car and open windows. Check out a few minutes later and do a detour to get out of the city.


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