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Castles, fortified and wooden churches

Tuesday, September 21. Today a winding road to the North. In Sanaia we park in the woods and walk further to Peles Castle. Beautiful 19th century Castle. Apparently it would cost 120 million dollars to build nowadays. The outside is impressive, like the inside. So much high quality woodwork, some glass work and mirrors and cool furniture. The next castle is the famous Bran “Dracula” Castle. This castle is older, but more modest. The information inside is good and the one way tour leads through every room. Cool. Back down we have a drink and drive to Brasov. Via the nice Rudolf fountain we walk over the central square with the Council House and old buildings around. On the square a film festival is readying for tonight. See the Black Church, the White and Black Tower and walk the Strada Dupa Ziduri next to the stream of water. Via the Library we go to the Sergiana restaurant, recommended by the hotel owner. The food is typical Romanian and very nice.

Wednesday, more to the North. The road is not as good as before and now it takes a long time. On average 50 km/h is the max. Around 15:30 h we’re at the Saint John the New Monastery. One of the fortified churches. The old building is beautiful with paintings on the outside walls and beautiful frescoes inside as well. Inside a group is waiting for their paid prayer notes. When we leave the complex it starts raining and we get in the car to the next stop, The Humor Monastery. The old building is richly decorated with frescoes and the rose garden around is quite nice too. More mountain roads and beautiful views till we arrive in Câmpulung Moldovenesc. 

The next day, more mountain villages, horse carts and some views. See the wooden churches in the small towns, like in Borsa. Take a picture of the wooden Church of Bogdan Voda and make a big stop at the Monastery of Barsana. A collection of wooden churches and buildings in a beautiful park with flowers. The main church is an impressive wooden construction, with wooden tiles on the roof and frescoes inside. But the other buildings are also lovely with geraniums hanging out of the open windows. Some nuns in the buildings for the people who want to spend money on prayer notes. Further through the valley to Vadu Izei and to the South. Some small farmer villages such as Sârbi and Budesti, back to the main road. More mountain roads and wooden churches. Our last night in Romania we stay in Satu Mare.


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