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Endless detour

Tuesday 20 February. After a warm welcome and stay at Barbara and Harmen it’s back on the bus. The goal for today is Kaikoura. On the road a sign tells us highway 1 is closed. A handful of cars and coaches turn and have to find their alternative route. The road is twisting through the mountains and at several spots we meet roadworks. Two hours delay. Not too bad. The weather is bad because New Zealand expects a second cyclone and it will come straight over Kaikoura. So coming days no boats go out, no dolphin swimming, no whale watching. Too bad. Next day we leave to discover highway number 1 is also closed in the direction of Picton. A beautiful detour follows to the other side of the island. After more than 7 in steed of 3 hours we arrive in Picton. The ferry is rebooked to the evening and late. It’s wavy, so we add a bit more time. When we set foot on land in Wellington it’s midnight and the birthday of Amber. Her friend Tanne makes a little dance for her, but the real party has to be tomorrow. After a long, long day we check in at 0:30 h. Thursday, 5:30 h the alarm. Get out of bed, shower and to the bus. Another day driving to get in Auckland.


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