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Falls and glaciers

Sunday 4 June. Big breakfast in the campsite restaurant. Very good, maybe I skip lunch. Collect our stuff and leave this place. First stop is Seljalandsfoss. Again an amazing waterfall. This one is special because we can go behind it. Very cool… and wet. Next is the Skogafoss. A lot of stairs to get to the viewpoint and take more pictures. Just a bit further is one of the glaciers of Katla. A dirty glacier, more black than white. At the most southern point of Iceland, Dyrhólaey, beautiful cliffs and strong winds. The lava rocks meet the sea and a strange bridge beautifies the surroundings. Around Eldhraun we drive through endless lava fields. Most of it is covered in moss. Surreal landscape. At Skaftafell more glaciers. One even bigger than the other. Most spectacular are the icebergs floating in the lake at Glacier Lagoon. Diner in Höfn, but first a stop next to the road. No diesel left. Get a car to stop and we’re lucky. They’re Dutch and drive us to the next gas station, 4 km’s further. Here we fill a bottle with diesel. Drive back and use the 1,5 l to get to the gas station. Fill it up and we’re on the way again. Knowing the board computer is not very reliable.
Monday 5 June. In town everything is closed. Luckily they made one pancake for each. First part of the trip is along the coast. The road turns around the mountains next to the bay. We pass small villages and quite some sheep. At one of the parking spots a bird man tells us about an amazing place. We have to go there. He also points out a special Icelandic kind of duck down in the sea. Even with binoculars it’s hard to see what kind of duck it is. Landscape is astonishing and more land inwards we pass a big valley, cloudy and rainy. Al kinds of green and brown. The dirt road goes steep up into the mountains and just over the top the view is great. In the background ocean and in front a winding dirt road. Down to the coast the road is tar again for a moment. At the coast it’s a road on a loss gravel mountain. A harbor comes in sight and a short walk brings us to the puffin peninsula at Lundaskodun. Amazing to see this funny birds with their silly walks and flight. But there landing in the water is winner. Just crash into the water and then dive. They are really good divers and it’s beautiful to see there red paws slide under nice the surface. We get close to a few meter. So cool. On the road again back to civilization. Well back to the main road number 1. Next stop is Dettifoss, big falls and probably very impressive if it wouldn’t be rainy and stormy. The upper part is Selfoss. A few quick pictures and back to the warm car. Still some drive to our hotel in Húsavik. Here we get a free upgrade and we’re finished after this long day.


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