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Lively Sibiu

Thursday, September 16, after the beautiful cities of Pécs and Szeged in Hungary we cross the border to Romania. After lunch in Deva we visit the 15th century Corvin Castle in Hunedoara. Beautiful old castle, worth a small detour. Next to the castle a man is making wooden dishes by hand. The road leads us to Sibiu. The hotel is near the central square in the old city center. Uphill an iron bridge crosses the street. The square next to it has a beach volleyball event and the buildings around are stylish. We take the road to the right and see the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary. We notice most of the old textes are German here. Walk along the Altemberger House to the Brukenthal National Museum, with it’s lovely facade. The central square is surrounded with medieval buildings and the Jesuit Church, Biserica Romano Catolicá “Sfânta Treime”. A beauty inside as well. At the square a food truck festival is going on and a big stage waits for use. First we wander around a bit more and finish the tour at the main square for a drink and some dinner. Later on two rock groups perform, Domino and Alternosfera. A very lively center. 

Friday, we go into the countryside. First stop is the Fortified Church of Alma VII. Nice castle / church. The renovation is still in progress, so no entering. Have lunch at Medias and of course see the lovely town. Follow the 14 to Biertan. Another fortified church, this one we can visit. Inside the church there is nice wood work and banners. Back to the main road and into the countryside in the next valley. Now the road is a bit more shabby. In the villages more old houses and some horse carts. The fortified church of Malâncrav is closed. Looks simple from outside, but a few minutes later the lady opens the gate and we can look inside. This church is all about the interior. Inside most of the 11th century frescoes are still intact. Impressive. The lady explains in German this community is Saksian, like herself. The altarpiece with icons is impressive as well. Last stop of today is Sighisoara. Entering the city via the Tailor’s Tower, wander around to the otherside with a beautiful old clock tower and a view over the city. See the stairs with the wooden roof to the castle and have a drink at one of the squares.


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