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Noosa Everglades, Brisbane to Home

Monday 26 March. Yesterday a nice hike through the forest of Noosa National Park. Especially the rocky coast with an army of surfers waiting for the right big wave in the ocean is a cool sight.

Today is a day for the Everglades. Skipper Heinie, from Botswana, tells many stories about the Everglades while we sail the Noosa river upstream. Cross some shallow lakes and have tea at a nice picknick spot. Another cool spot is reserved for lunch from the bbq and time to swim in the river. Good fun. After lunch, I share the kayak with Irish Jonas and Killian. Two funny lads living and working in Australia for awhile and probably never going back. Back in town the Queens Baton for the Common Games Gold Coast 2018 pass.

Tuesday the greyhound to Brisbane. In the afternoon an enjoyable walk on the South Bank. Some pictures of highrise buildings and a visit to the Museum of Modern Art. Here a big exhibition “Curious Creatures” by Patricia Piccinni. Curious creatures indeed. The creatures are combined with real people. Awkward, but intriguing. Further along the banks of the river and take a ferry to explore the river and banks.

The next day more exploring Brisbane and shopping for souvenirs. Cross some nice parks and visit the Museum of Brisbane and it’s Bell Tower. The last provides a beautiful view over the city. Tonight the shuttle bus drops me at the airport. This time the plane brings me Home. A wonderful trip with amazing landscapes and beautiful people ends, but the memories stay forever.


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