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Off the beaten track to the most eastern point

Saturday 20 January. Yesterday I went mountain biking in the Redwoods near Rotorua with Leon. Many tracks lead through the Redwoods. Big Sequoias and the national symbol of New Zealand, the Silver Tree Ferns. Good fun. And a bit of culture, walking around in Ohinemutu near the lake. Steaming holes and bubbling water everywhere. Amazing.

Today the east loop is on the program. We leave early and after several snapshot moments we arrive at Maraehako Bay. A small retreat on the rocks directly at the bay. What a gorgeous view. In the afternoon a small track along and in the river that leads us, Mark, Rico, Leon, Tom, Eleanora, Anja and me, through a green tunnel of trees to a waterfall. Beautiful spot. Tempting water pool, not too warm though. Back at the bay some peddling with kayaks. Between the rocks there’s a connection to the next bay, which we have to explore. At night a card game and enjoying the bonfire.

Sunday the route to the East Cape Lighthouse is even more spectacular. Some dirt road along the ocean. Climb the stairs to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view from the lighthouse into the ocean. Tonight we stay in a Tatapouri. It’s low tide and we cross the road to receive waders. Line up, get instructions and off we go. The ocean is shallow and after 10 minutes the first show up. A bunch of wild eagle and pancake stingrays swim around us. You can touch them and in the end feed them a piece of fish. Which they suck out of your hand. Strange, but very cool.

Monday more beautiful landscapes and back to Rotorua.


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