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Port of Cartegena

Saturday, January 22

Our hotel is in the old centre of Cartegena, a Spanish colonial walled city. Touristy, but very beautiful. We walk to the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. Too hot, but nice view. Then the city walk, via Puerta del Reloj we enter the old city. Just before we see a sloth and a small monkey in the park. The Plaza de los coches is lively and has nice old buildings around. See Parque de Bolivar and the Plaza de Santo Domingo. In between, more old buildings, tourists and shops. 

Sunday, we walk to the harbor. A private boat is waiting for a day trip. The boat is quite fancy, like the picture. The skipper takes us to some nice spots and we arrive as the first boat, when we leave there are 20 or more boats. We snorkel a bit and see nice colorful fish. Sadly most of the coral is dead. At the next spot more coral and colorful fish. We enjoy ourselves with some music on the boat. Good fun. We have lunch at one of the islands and a coconut drink. They try to rip you off, but we were warned before. Back by boat, see how crazy busy some spots are, like the party bar at the water. Walk on a beach, which is too crowded, and sail back to Cartegena. 


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