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Stewart Island

Sunday 11 February. The day starts rainy. Off we go and in Bluff we take the ferry to Stewart Island. Halfway the ferry slows down. We can see a Right Whale in the distance. Pretty Cool. Dinner is taco’s with a lot of stuff with Dutch Pieter, Swiss Dominik, German Denise and me… and UK Kim. We cook together, well without Kim. She doesn’t feel like she should help or so. At dinner she proves to be a bit different. She’s from “Liverpul”, but doesn’t know where the Netherlands is and some common English words are totally unknown to her. After dinner she cleans two plates and leaves. Maybe she should blow a bit less.

Monday, late breakfast and say goodbye to Pieter and Dominik, who leave for a two-day hike on the island. Relax a bit and at 12 o’clock take the ferry to Ulva Island. It’s a short ride and on the boat one of the ladies of preservation tells us a lot about the birds on the island. They try to have only native birds here. We walk this small island. See nice beaches, some Robins, parrots, wekas and kakas. Only the wekas are not shay. On the beaches they come to you, begging for food. So funny and sad at the same time. We don’t feed them, but it seems they get fed quite often. On the way back to Stewart Island we see a swimming penguin. Back on the island Iwe take a detour over the island. The weather is still sunny and the forest is beautiful. More native birds like the NZ Wood Pigeon and the Tui. In town a bit of browsing. The next day more rain and the ferry back to the South Island.


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