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Tango, another sad story

Monday 9 January. Walking through the old city to Puerto Madero. Nice to see all the old buildings. At the Puerto Madero there’s a bronze statue of Juan Manuel Fangio, a famous racer. Cool selfie and a short rest in de shadow of the trees. I walk to the entrance of the nature park on the shore of the Uruguay. Closed! The water is too high and nobody is allowed in. Too bad. Slowly back to the centre. I short break in a park. Seeing the parrots building their huge nests in a tree. Collecting branches and fly back. Took some nice pictures of birds. A little fellow with a red head, of course the parrot and a big bird. Than lunch in a typical Argentinian eating house, El Bodegon de Marga. Good food for a reasonable price. More city and heat till I arrive the hostel again to have a cooling down. This morning we had to change room for some reason. Well the new room is fine as well. Tonight diner with Chai. First I have to book the bus to San Juan and the hostel or hotel in the city. At last the Dakar organization put the information on the website and just outside San Juan the race comes by. Would be nice to see some of it. We have dinner at again a typical meat restaurant. And again very tasteful. We try to have a beer afterwards, but every bar around the hostel is closed. At eleven o’clock.

Tuesday is my last day in Buenos Aires. So we take the walking tour through Boca. The starting point is at Café Tortoni, famous for the looks and coffee. A nice old style coffee house. But we’re here for the tour. We catch a local bus for 6 pesos and get off at the old harbour. The guide tells a lot about the history of this poor part of town. Caminito give an colourful impression of the past. A short stop at Boca stadium at of course stories of Diego Maradona. Tango is born here and tells the sad stories of poor immigrants. Nowadays is mainly for tourists.

We decide to have lunch in Boca and again that means quite some meat. A mix grill on the table. The Aussies and Zimbabwean girl are used to have big pieces of meat, so ‘we’ finish it all. I skip the blood sausage and intestines. The rest is tasty. Bus 29 back to the centre and have a power nap, before I have to leave for the night bus to San Juan. The bus of 20 de Junio is new and comfortable. The service is like in a plane and I can actually sleep.


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