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Tracking crater Laguna de Cuichoca

Monday, February 21

Yesterday we left Mindo at 6:30 h. It had rained all night and on the road to the east we were stucked for 3 hours. The sand and trees on the road had to be removed by heavy machinery. In the afternoon we reach Otavalo and after lunch we explore the famous indigenous market and the small town. 

Today, Laguna de Cuichoca, a crater lake, is on the program. A taxi brings us to the restaurant, the starting point of the trek and will take us back this afternoon. We walk counter clockwise, uphill. It’s hard again, humid and at high altitude, the highest point is at 3500 m. The track is 12 km in total and the views are really amazing. We see the crater lake with the two islands in it. In the background is the volcano Cotacachi, most of the time in the clouds, but sometimes clear to see. Very cool. Along the path lots of flowers. Amazing to see that the flowers change getting higher, but also depending on the side of the volcano crater. On one of the highest points we have lunch and enjoy the view. The second part is longer, but mostly down. More pictures and amazing views. After 4,5 h we’re back at the parking spot. The taxi driver is already waiting for us, so get in and go. Good timing, because it starts to rain just now. Again a beautiful day.


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