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Warm welcome in Concepción

Wednesday 8 March. After 24 h of flights and airports I arrive in Concepción. A cab to the hotel, a power nap and at 3:30 h Chilean friends Cote and Caro pick me up. We met last year in Vietnam and now they show me their city. First to Dichato at the coast to have a Plato Americano, a big plate with all kinds of delicious seafood. A walk on the boulevard along the sand beach. Today is a rainy day so nobody is there. The boulevard is new, because the tsunami of 2010 took the houses along the shore away. We take the scenic route. Sadly most of the mountains are black of the fires a few weeks ago. Through the city over the bridges to San Pedro de la Paz and Lonco, where Cote lives. Meet her brother Hendrik and her nanny. Back to town by Über and walk around on the campus of the university. Nearby we have a beer with friends. A short stop at Chinese restaurant Feng from Caro parents and then to a friend in Lomas de San Andrés. Time flies and before you know it, it’s 3 am again. What a day and night.

Thursday is sunny and time to see the city by daylight.


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