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White wallabies and convicts

Saturday 10 March. Today Port Arthur is on the program. But first, we have a nice little walk and coffee in Richmond. The oldest settlement in Tasmania. A nice bridge and a small church. Basically, that’s it. Pirates Bay Lookout gives a beautiful view of the rocks and beach of the bay. Tasman Blowhole and the Devil’s Kitchen. Rocky cliffs at the ocean. Nice stops but our main destination is Port Arthur. A former prison. Convicts were sent here from all over the British Empire. Crazy.

Sunday morning we enjoy the view from Mount Wellington and have a nice little hike. Mona Museum is next. It’s huge and filled with modern art. An interesting, sometimes crazy, collection. Quite special is a guy with a tattooed back sitting all day as an object. Another piece of art is two moving skeletons making love… The water text art is nicely done. Different.

Monday. Last day of the tour. We have to race to the ferry to beat the locals. It’s Labor day in Tasmania. So everyone goes. At the lighthouse it’s raining. We stay a bit longer in the museum and then, as it is dr,y up to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is built in 1836 by convicts, like most government buildings and roads in those days. It’s windy and cold, but the view is amazing again. The shores are rough and rocky with basalt rocks. Big waves break on the rocks. See the rest of Bruny Island as the sun comes out. Some wallabies jump around and then a white one. The white wallabies here are not albino’s, but just a white species. So cool. At the Neck, the small landmass between the bigger parts of the island has a lookout on top of one of the dunes. Cool view. At the beach more cool views. Apparently the blue penguins come here to their holes in the evening. Now they’re all at the sea.


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