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Amazing sunny Tasmania

Monday 5 March. After a few days relaxing on the endless beach of Burleigh Heads I landed yesterday in Hobart, Tasmania. This morning it’s an early rise, like it will be every morning in Tasmania. The bus of Under-Down-Under collects all tourist and then, at last, we’re off into the country. First stop is a short walk in the rainforest. The reward is Russell Falls. A bit further on the road a trail through a Eucalyptus forest. Old and very tall trees. Impressive. Lunch at the shores of Lake St Clair. A sign warns for snakes, but luckily we don’t see them. Another fall, Nelson Falls, before we settle in Strahan. A busy, but beautiful day.

Next day back into the dense rainforest where a 3-hour walk brings us to the Montezuma Falls. An impressive 140 m high. Back to the shore to climb the Henty Dunes and have a nice 360 degrees view of the ocean and the forest. Back in Strahan I have dinner with Laura and Verena. And for desert we see a platypus in the next door creak. So cool.

Wednesday the Cradle Mountains are on the program. Again a perfect sunny day. We climb to Marion’s Lookout and have lunch on top. The view of the rocky Cradle Mountains and deep blue Dove Lake is amazing.

Bay of Fires on Thursday. White beach, light blue ocean, red rocks, blue sky… so pretty. Between the rocks in the water, starfish and crabs. The Bicheno Wildlife Sanctuary show rescued native animals. Lots of parrots, but of course the Tasmanian Devils are once we want to see.When they eat you hear the crushing of the bones and they are really loud eaters. To make a point to the other Tasmanian Devils to stay away. The Qualls and Wombat are cute. The Wallabies real performers.

Next day back to Hobart, but first we do a track to Wineglass Bay. Red granite rocky mountains with Manuka and Eucalyptus trees. a different landscape and again amazing. After the climb a rewarding view on Wineglass Bay. Down to the beach and enjoy the bay’s white beach and blue water. A group of dolphins makes the picture complete.

Nature in Tasmania is so beautiful.


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