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The Mayan temples of Copán

Wednesday 30 January. Today we visit the main attraction of this town. At the entrance lots of colourful Macau’s posing for the camera. Our local guide takes us on a trip through time, shows the site and tells the history. First temples are high and with several hieroglyphs. The guide tells about the temples underneath the temples. Some of them have at least three temples buried underneath each other. Apparently after a Mayan cycle, being 52 years, you had to start over again. So the rulers build new temples over the old ones. We walk around, see a yellow tailed bird and climb a temple to see the hieroglyphs of one of the rulers. The guide told us before the ruler got quite old. The Mayans writing on the stone tells the ages of the rulers and how long they ruled. Then the view of the 1 Lemperas note. Cool to see where the drawing was made. Down to the field and get our explanation of the steep stairs full of hieroglyphs. A tent roof protects this beauty. Next to it the place where they played a ball game. Further on this field several statues with detailed hieroglyphs. Amazing site. Afterwards the museum. Inside a replica of the temple Rosalila which they found underneath one of the big temples. The temples were plastered with mostly red plaster and lots of figures. So cool. More artefacts from the site are displayed here. And some houses a few kilometres away. After the museum it’s time to go into nature. Have a small walk and discover more birds. A group of yellow-tailed birds passes by. Beautiful. A small lizard and small birds. Then back to town and have lunch at the market. This afternoon just relaxing. The setting is in the jungle and the thermal baths are relaxing.


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