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A huge wall of blue ice

Tuesday 7 February. Early breakfast and then to the bus station. We’re there on time and go with the bus to El Calafate. Within an hour we arrive at the border. More stamps in the pass and further to El Calafate. At 13:30 h or something we’re there and check in at Penguin Hostel, near the bus station. Look for an atm and walk around. See the boulevard, that is not much, and the shops in town. We have an ice cream and run into Jeffrey. I met him before on the track to Torres. A nice typical Dutch long blond guy. Bit of a player though. Together we have a few beer and a burger. Just before ten, closing time, we can buy a ticket for tomorrow to go to the Glacier Moreno.

Wednesday at 8 h a short stop in the supermarket to buy breakfast and lunch and then to the bus station. The bus ride takes two hours. A fancy track leads us to several viewpoints. The glacier comes closer and closer. And what an amazing view. It’s a huge wall of blue ice. Impressive. The sound of breaking ice and pieces of ice falling in the lake is perhaps even more impressive. We enjoy the views for four hours and after a late lunch we go back to the bus. We book the trip to El Chaltén and have a simple diner.


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