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Torres del Paine

Thursday 3 February. Yesterday I could arrange one night in the park. Everything is fully booked. Too bad.

Today an early start. Take the bus to Torres del Paine National Park. All the busses start at 7:30 h at the bus station and arrive at almost the same time at the park. They tell us it’s park policy. So there’s a long cue to enter the park. After one hour we have the tickets and stamps and watched the video. Than back to the bus to the second stop. Take the ferry on Lake Pohoe at 11 and be in Paine Grande half an hour later. On the boat we get an idea of the amazing views in the park. The weather is very cold and windy. At Paine Grande the trail start to Campo Grey. The trail goes up and up. Quite a climb and after 2 hours the first view on the glacier is there. Woow. The light blue ice, the huge glacier coming out of the mountains. Impressive. At several spots you have to enjoy the beautiful views. Check in at the campsite and because there’s still time enough further up to the 2 bridges viewpoint. The first suspension bridge gives a good view on a big blue iceberg. Marvellous site. The second suspension bridge is for fun and at last there’s the viewpoint. Here you have a real nice view on the glacier from a higher point. I’m impressed. Back to the campsite and to the refugio for a nice hot diner. Early to bed in a warm sleeping bag for a good sleep.

Friday I start not too early. Good breakfast, partly with the Dutch couple I met the evening before. He works at the TU in Delft as teacher (building constructions). A short trail to the nearby viewpoint on the glacier. Again wonderful. Today the weather is amazing. Clear sky, sunny, so perfect. Than back to Paine Grande. I arrive at 15 h and the boat goes at 17 h. time to enjoy the sun and view on the granite mountains. The boat is broken so the ranger tells it will take some more time. In the end it takes quite a lot more time. So at 21:30 the boat shows up and luckily we’re in the first one. The round trip will take 1 hour. The buses waited at we go to the entrance of the park. People from other parts of the park are waiting here for us for at least 3,5 h. We’re back in Peurto Natales at around 0:30 h and after a shower in the hostel it’s straight to bed.

Saturday again the bus of 7:30 h to the park. An snooze in the bus and now I can skip the ticket cue of one hour. Take the park bus to the hotel Las Torres where the trail to the viewpoint starts. First part is normal gravel road and easy. Than a long climb, more kind of flat track and after two hours Campo Chileno is in sight. After a short break further up and up. The last bit is really steep. The view on the towers is unbelievable. Almost 2 km they rise straight from the lake up in the sky. Impressive. The sky is clear and we can enjoy it. After one hour the weather chances and it start to be cloudy. Dutch painter Jeffrey, who I met on the track, and I go down. This time the track is easier and takes less time. The views are still amazing and back at the starting point we have a kind of diner snack. Still have to wait for the bus at least one hour. Tonight I back at 22 h at the bus station and run into to Lisa again. Back to the hostel we find some sandwich and bananas for diner. At the hostel we have diner and the ladies have something to complain, because they missed me yesterday night. I was in and out before they could see me. But in the end it’s okay. In the room we have a chat with two others and instead of going early to bed it’s 0:30 h again.


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