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Amazing birds of Monteverde

Friday 8 February. In the morning we visit the cloud forest for a canopy tour. But first a bumpy ride. Entering the park hummingbird paradise is there. Many species of hummingbirds come to the sugar water and are totally not afraid of people. Keep quiet and still and be amazed. Then the trail through the jungle with suspension bridges. It’s very windy and there’s not much to see. No birds. Too bad. A butterfly greenhouse and then back to town. This afternoon is for visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We do several tracks, see the jungle and many birds. At the end, I go with Aiden just a bit further. He spots a male Resplendent Quetzal, an amazing colourful bird with a very long tail. The proud of the park. Hard to get a good picture though. A moment later the female also appears. Wow. We’re lucky.


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