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Fortunate in La Fortuna

Sunday 10 February. Yesterday we got by bus and a small boat to La Fortuna. On the lake Volcano Arenal’s top is in the clouds. Still an amazing sight. The evening we spend in the Baldi hotsprings. What a treat.

Today guide Seyris takes us to the Rio Frio at the border with Nicaragua. Before we get on the boat we already see some small alligators, turtles, herons and other birds in the fields. The boat trip reveals more animals at the shores. Directly an iguana in the trees. Many kingfishers, herons and other colourful birds. Some turtles on branches and howler and spinner monkeys in the trees and some sloths. One howler monkey is orange instead of black. Apparently it’s a genetic decease. The guide tells a lot and makes sure everyone can see the animals. So fortunate to see all these animals. After 8 hours we’re back and it’s time to relax a bit.

The next morning we go with Giovani, a famous local guide. 6 am we’re at the spot and directly lots of colourful birds show themselves. The guide takes us with him and finds us a red poisonous frog. very small but beautiful. A green ibis, vultures, sloths, all in this little forest. one sloth is posing and when the guide makes the sound of an eagle he looks. Cool. two different kinds of motmot birds present themselves. Actually, the guide calls them and they react. More birds and stories and an alligator with young ones to finish the tour.


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