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Pristine Panama

Friday 15 February. A short trip to the border. Fill in some forms and get some stamps. Walk over the bridge and see the old worn out rail bridge next to it. The landscape is a road through the jungle. Beautiful. Along the road so now and then a few wooden houses on poles with a roof of palm leaves. Quitecool. In Almirante we change to a small boat for 25 people or so. The riverbeds are mangroves, the houses here are on poles close to the water and most people have canoes. A lady is rowing with her granddaughter in an ancient canoe made from one piece. Wow. The boat goes quite fast and the mangroves are amazing. An hour later we’re on Isla Colón. Here we stay in Bocas del Toro.

Saturday a full day boat trip to the islands. First to the bay of dolphins and see two. It’s too crowded with boats but cool to see a dolphin of course. On the way to Cayo Zapatilla we snorkel and see colourful fish and corals. At Cayo Zapatilla we do the deepboarding. Ropes behind the boat with a kind of bended triangle board to it. By moving the board you can dive and turn. Fun to do. Lunch on the island. Wander around and enjoy the pristine beach. In the shade. Snorkel a bit more and then leave for Sloths island. Above the mangroves sloths are hanging in the trees.


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