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Beauty of the forest

Monday 18 February. This afternoon the Hidden Waterfalls trail is on the menu of the Dutchies, after a mini canyon this morning. The path is steep and quite a climb. Three waterfalls along the track and all beautiful. Good to do some exercise. Back to town, we’re sharing the bus with locals. Good fun.

The next day an early start. To see some birds on the Pipeline trail. At 7 am we start the trail and Laura knows a lot of birds and sounds. We see several small birds and walk slowly up. At an open field, we see two Quetzals, a male and female, making a nest close to the trail. Beautiful colourful birds. The male has an enormous tail. Amazing. More up the mountain we see another couple of Quetzals. This male seems to have a tail of over a meter long. Wow. More pictures. We walk all the way up until we’re at the falls. Enjoy the view and go back. On the way back we see a Quetzals again and a Trogon Elegante, family of the Quetzals. Same colours, but no long tail. Cool.



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