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Endless Pampas

Thursday 20 January. At 14:30 h I’m ready to go by bus to Rio Gallegos. No bus. I ask and it’s delayed. After an hour it’s still unknown when the bus comes. It’s broke and in Puerto Madryn. The lady behind me says: “well, this is Argentina”. At last it arrives at 19:20 h. Just 5 hours late. The bus is not the luxury bus I booked on the internet. But I have a seat and want to go. At 2 o’clock in the night we have to change bus and now it’s the luxury bus. On the route endless Pampas. Actually Almost from Mendoza till Rio Gallegos it’s around 2000 km of Pampas. Lots of sheep, guanacos, horses and lesser rheas. The trip goes well and at 11:30 h we arrive in Rio Gallegos. Temperatures dropped down from 30°C plus to 15°C.


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