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Jurassic World in Trelew

Wednesday 19 January. Trelew. There’s something interesting in this town. Museo Paleontológico Eglidio Feruglio shows the dinosaurs that were found in Chubut near Trelew. Life in Patagonia started at least 400 million years back with sea life and the dinosaurs from 170 till 70 million years ago. The exhibition has some impressive skeletons of really big dinosaurs. The Tyrannotitan is trying to bite and the biggest of all is recently found and was 40 m long and had a weight of 80 tons. In the hall a leg bone of 2 m and in the scientific area someone is working between bones. A really big vertebra and another, both more than a meter wide, are already cleaned.

Outside it’s sunny and hot and it’s clear this is all this place has to offer.


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