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Monserrate watches over Bogota

Sunday, January 30. This part of the trip ends in Bogota. Have a walk through the city while the guide tells about the crazy history of this country. And it is not that long ago. Impressive. The museums are today for free and so not possible to visit, unless we want to wait for two hours. The museum of Colombian recent history is impressive. We enjoy the city live and a PCR-test for Ecuador. Monday it for Monserrate, the mountain watching over Bogota. The cable car takes us up and the view is amazing. We walk a bit, see a hummingbird and have a coffee. Back down, we enter the city centre again, but the city is now empty. We try the big ass ants, not too bad, and wander around. The bus takes us to another, more modern, part of town, Parque de la 93, where we have lunch and some good stories with a drink. 


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