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Rebel El Salvador

Friday 1 February. A morning tour starting with a climb down to see the basalt formation of a waterfall, without water. Very cool. Next a perfect view of the lake. Back in town we get more history lessons and see the church and the process to make indigo. At the theatre a story about how Alejandro Cotto saved the town from bombing with the theatre. After a short drive in the afternoon we arrive at the lakeshore, get in the boat and start the tour on Embalse Cerrón Grande. A big reservoir where migrating birds like to stop for a snack. At the shore we see herons, cormorants, birds of prey and vultures. More birds to come. At one of the islands, trees packed with birds and on the water a big group of pelicans. When we come closer they start to move. Beautiful to see them in flight. The sunset we enjoy from the other shore and then back to the cars. Tonight there are some bands in a local bar. We have a beer and the first band starts. The old guy is quite a guitar player. The second stage is the bartender singing. He is as well quite good and fun to see. The interior in the bar is all about the revolution. Flags of communists, AK47 and a rocket launcher at the wall, pics of rebels and bombs. Strange. The music is local and Spanish, but entertaining. Then one of the guys is performing some poetry. And the old guy finishes the music, playing good and more up-tempo.

Saturday, an early start. Wake up at 5 and go for kayaking. Cross the lake and see big groups of birds. It’s hard to spot the different species. But with the binoculars we see nice little birds with long tails, a black bird with red spots on the wings and 40 species more. At eight we back ashore and see a local washing place. Two ladies doing the wash at the river.

El Tunco is at the ocean and the resort is near the beach. This place is all about relaxing. This weekend they have elections in the country, so no alcohol is sold for three days. Luckily we still have some, but the town is empty. Sunday afternoon the Superbowl is on and it is hard for the Americans to see it without a beer. In the Superbowl bar a boring game with the comment. In the second quarter it’s still 3 to 0. Back to the hotel pool and also here the game is on the tv. With comment and a few hours later, by accident, I see the only touchdown. Four hours of boring television. I don’t get it.


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